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Building Trusted Relationships

Have you ever observed a mother and child communicate with each other? Without any verbal communication, a child and mother can totally empathize with each other and enjoy an emotional bond.

Becoming a better innovator

Innovation can be disruptive or incremental. By disruptive innovation, completely new behaviours are unleashed. Internet shopping (what did to shopping) or letting consumers choose product features using a channel like facebook are great examples of discontinuous innovation.

I recently attended a global conference hosted by HCL for its customers. I heard two schools of thought on what makes an innovator.

The Human Mind

Percieved blank at human birth, the human mind can be identified by the five distinct things it does, namely:

Is there a blueprint to becoming an inspiring leader

Following the earlier blog post - Two Ways of Getting Followership, there have been a number of questions on the subject.

A discussion on recipe to build inspiring leadership capability