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How do I fasttrack myself as a leader?

As an invited speaker, I was addressing a group of young engineers and budding leaders in Chennai recently. This team was in an offsite meeting with their CEO. My session started just after they completed a group meditation session with the help of a professional. All those brains were so refreshed and I got an incessant rain of interesting questions as soon as I finished my introduction. Some of those questions that inspired me (because people were sharply thinking in the right direction) and my answers are as below.

The Talent Economy Dynamics

This blog post is a very simple abstraction of some basic concepts that shape the economy. It is not meant to be a detailed and accurate walk of history of economic development.

The point I would like to put across is simple. We have people with talent driving a major part of economy of today and this is significantly different from the past.

Fending monkeys is a key leader competence

If you do not develop this competence, you will soon find that you are doing the work of your sub-ordinates. Eventually, your smart sub-ordinate may end up supervising you without you even realising it.

Building Trusted Relationships

Have you ever observed a mother and child communicate with each other? Without any verbal communication, a child and mother can totally empathize with each other and enjoy an emotional bond.