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Mistakes Are Always In The Past

RafikiFirst of all we are talking about well meaning leaders in this blog and not about villains and criminals. So we can boldly make the statement that forms the title of the post. Mistakes are different from villainous mischief and intentional crime.

I want to quote a recent Calvin and Hobbes strip I enjoyed (and learnt from it as well). Calvin steals Susie's most loved doll (intentional mischief). Susie is aghast. Calvin sends a ransom note that is properly signed (childish mistake). Susie takes revenge, She takes Hobbes away. Calvin realizes his mistake of underestimating Susie's potential to retaliate.

Rhythm Of Life And Resistance To Change

ResistanceWhen a human transitions into any socially and/or emotionally acceptable situation from a position of discomfort, for some time he or she goes through a period of enjoying that perceivably stable state of equilibirium. This is the honeymooning period of enjoying a success. The success of having escaped from some previous discomfort or an unstable state of equilibirium in life. However, humans also tend to get bored quickly with new position and comforts. The honeymoon eventually ends. Natural tendency after this honeymoon is to aspire for further improvement of quality of life. This aspiration soon builds up into discomfort with the current environment that was once enjoyable. We move back into an unstable state of equilibirium. During this rhythm of life, stimulus to change appears in one of the following forms

Worry Is != Action

Worry FaceThe dictionary says that an action is characterized by physical or mental activity. Worry is mental activity. Still worry does not qualify as a useful action. We worry because we are anxious about something. The act of worry never takes us out of that anxious state. Instead it lands us squarely back into that same state. Any useful action will take us at least one tiny step away from being anxious. Since the worrying act is a loop that lands us back to where we started, the magnitude of worry actually increases each time the loop activates. This is because the root cause - which is lack of control on something that deeply matters - has not yet been addressed. If left unaddressed, spiraling anxiousness can lead into a depressed mental state.

Positive And Negative Examples Of Leadership From Daily Life

Case StudyAug 29, 2010 - I ran a seven kilometer Marathon run in Chennai, India. Chennai is a large metropolis. The marathon was a free run. The theme was 'I love Chennai'.

I did not count though.. but the number of participants should have been well north of 50000. I saw school kids, college students, young couples, families, people who are young in mind (just like me), and occasionally foreigners too enthusiastically participating in the run. The run took about 60 minutes to complete.