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A Model Relating Experience And Leadership

Young LeaderWe definitely understand the inspiring leadership demonstrated by people like young Bill Gates and many young sports people.  Young people can lead and produce awesome results.

We saw seven important aspects of leadership in the previous post. They are namely

  1. Have a vision

Do We Need Experience To Lead?

Light At The End Of TunnelThe video below set me thinking. What are various aspects of leadership? How are they related to experience for leadership effectiveness? These were the questions that surfaced. I came up with the following thoughts:

Leadership is all about effecting change from the established routine. Positive leadership is about changing a system to be more productive for improved performance in socially acceptable ways.

See video

Power Has Immense Potential To Corrupt - Learning From A Movie

Rajneeti'Raajneeti' is a Hindi movie. The word means politics. After the Oscar winning 'Slum Dog Millioner', this movie attempts to take us behind the 'IndYeah!' facade. It lets us have a taste for the overgrown dump of filth that is behind it. The director is an Indian - Prakash Jha.

A state Chief minister's young daughter falls madly in love with an aged communist leader. In an intense moment of passion, the old guy inpregnates the young girl and repents later for his act of sin. He decides to vanish. A son is born. The girl's father disposes the child Mahabaratha (the great Indian myth) style - let afloat a small boat in the river.

Losing With Grace

Case StudyAug 19, 2010 - Even when you are in a losing trail, you should stand up and respect talent... even when it is demonstrated by the opponent camp. That is grace and style that is fitting of good self respecting leadership. Such an act demonstrates that you respect yourself well by respecting others even in the face of defeat. Such an act demonstrates integrity.

Recently I happened to watch the last few overs of a one day cricket match between India and Srilanka. I am not a big cricket fan but I do like exciting finishes. Shewag was at the crease. India had already leveled the match. Just a single run was required by India to score a win and a bonus point.