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Leadership and Management

Avoid ChangeThe tweet from vineetsblog - True Leaders Are Also Managers. #leadership - set me thinking. As the HBR article says there is a profound difference between leadership and management. A simple thought came to my mind.

Take life for example. Each human has to go through the motions of sustenance. Human reaction to life can be categorized into three buckets.

In the first bucket are those who choose to drift. They just exist and react to the environment. They neither lead not manage themselves. Can we say they just follow nature! We still occasionally do see a handful of them around us. These are called lost souls and I quote the terms from Vineet's popular book named Employee First Customer Second.

Seek First to Understand Difficult Employees

Difficult Employee"Listen to difficult employess only while it is productive". I read this tweet and said to myself "How true!". To understand this better, we have to understand why people could potentially turn difficult to handle in the first place. Most people are good and motivate themselves to learn, align and contribute. Remembering Maslow's theory, people look for esteem and recognition ("I among Us") with time.

Counselling, Mentoring and Coaching - What is the big difference

CoachWhen building his/her team, a leader should know the how and when of choosing from the three distinctive strategies mentioned in the subject.

Mothers in my opinion are instinctive leaders. I feel pretty confident that this statement can be assumed to have global validity. So we will use simple examples from the context of child development to understand the strategies.

Let us assume that a mother is teaching her kid writing skills. If she holds up the hand of the kid and guides the kid write the alphabet, she is mentoring. Mentoring is the process of skill flow from a skillful person to one who is learning.

The Value of Drifting

DriftingAugust 3, 2010 - I read an interesting article  on the subject of this post in Mint yesterday. It talked about the valuable lessons learnt by an entrepreneur switching jobs in different industries and markets frequently. The fact that the author is an entrepreneur who runs a famous Job search site is recognized. This post is not about the author of the article. He has obviously executed a master strategy in drifting.

Firstly, point well taken. Yes, variety does provide value. However variety can also kill if the strategy is not right. If one works for about 20 years, then it makes sense to acquire and demonstrate at least 20 years worth of work experience and wisdom. However, in India, especially in the IT industry, there are many of those who have existed for 20 years and have 20 x 1 year worth of experience only. This is a sorrow state to be in after such long working life.