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இந்தியக் குடியரசு தினம் - 26 ஜனவரி 2011

இந்தியக் கொடிஇன்று கொடியேற்றி இந்தியக் குடியரசின் பழம் பெருமைகளையும் பழைய தலைவர்களின் வீர தீரச் செயல்களையும் பற்றி அசை போட்டுப் பறைசாற்ற இருக்கும் மக்கள் கவனத்திற்கு:

மற்றவர் செய்ததைப் பற்றி உணர்ச்சி வசப்பட்டு பேசுவதை விட்டு, வாழ்க்கையை நேர்வழியில் நடத்த உதவக் கூடிய (பின்வரும்) சில எளிய சிந்தனைகளை குழந்தைகளுடன் பகிர்ந்து கொண்டு,

Positive And Negative Examples Of Leadership From Daily Life

Case StudyAug 29, 2010 - I ran a seven kilometer Marathon run in Chennai, India. Chennai is a large metropolis. The marathon was a free run. The theme was 'I love Chennai'.

I did not count though.. but the number of participants should have been well north of 50000. I saw school kids, college students, young couples, families, people who are young in mind (just like me), and occasionally foreigners too enthusiastically participating in the run. The run took about 60 minutes to complete.

Power Has Immense Potential To Corrupt - Learning From A Movie

Rajneeti'Raajneeti' is a Hindi movie. The word means politics. After the Oscar winning 'Slum Dog Millioner', this movie attempts to take us behind the 'IndYeah!' facade. It lets us have a taste for the overgrown dump of filth that is behind it. The director is an Indian - Prakash Jha.

A state Chief minister's young daughter falls madly in love with an aged communist leader. In an intense moment of passion, the old guy inpregnates the young girl and repents later for his act of sin. He decides to vanish. A son is born. The girl's father disposes the child Mahabaratha (the great Indian myth) style - let afloat a small boat in the river.

Psychology of the Indian Mind: Power-plays that I want to see perish

P  O  W  E  R  P  L  A  Y     O  N  E  :  Flattery: Take the bait or suffer.     

     A lot of conversation I face in India, despite my young age, borders on unnecessarily self-demeaning or outright sycophantic. It makes me feel rather like an attractive woman sitting at a bar, being approached by diffident “nice” guys disguising what they truly want from me (the temporary shot to the arm and ego-high that comes from winning a hottie’s affections for a night, which is replaced by insecurity the next day) by making clowns of themselves in an attempt to light up my face, buying me expensive stuff hoping I’ll put out, and complimenting everything I do, literally buying me the purse and putting their balls in it for me (And that is why “nice” guys are not really nice guys, and why they finish last).

Vidyagyan - An Inspiring Leadership Case Study

Case StudyShiv Nadar, the Chairman of HCL speaks on Vidyagyan - his personal initiative to return back to the society and in that process transforming education in India. The speech is in three videos.

See embedded video below for Part 1. The URL for the other parts is given below:

Part 2 of the speech

Part 3 of the speech

See video

Zen and the art of application development

ZenMost Indian software engineers value programming experience using a particular technology. Opportunities in latest technologies are always in great demand.

"Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" showed us the difference between viewing something in it's form or seeing what it meant. Form is about appearance and value. Meaning tends to dig deeper into components, relationships and many a times, the science of what the thing is made of.

நாட்டியல் நாட்டுவோம் !

கல்விஆகஸ்ட் 15, 2010 - பாரதிதாசன் நாட்டியல் நாட்டுவோம் பாடலில் இருந்து ஒரு பகுதி

தென்பால் குமரி வடபால் இமயம்
கிழக்கிலும் மேற்கிலும் கடலாய்க் கிடந்த
பெருநிலத்தின் பெயரென்ன அத்தான்?

நாவலந் தீவென நவிலுவார் கண்ணே!
தீவின் நடுவில் நாவல் மரங்கள்
இருந்ததால் அப்பெயர் இட்டனர் முன்னோர்