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Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders ?

Key messages in this video:

  1. Women underestimate themselves
  2. They do not negotiate for themselves
  3. The average women does twice the amount of house work and thrice the amount of childcare
  4. They attribute their success to other people around them. They do not take credit
  5. They leave before they have to actually leave

Women should learn to:

  • Set up the table
  • Make their partner a real partner
  • Not leave before they have to leave

The Value of Drifting

DriftingAugust 3, 2010 - I read an interesting article  on the subject of this post in Mint yesterday. It talked about the valuable lessons learnt by an entrepreneur switching jobs in different industries and markets frequently. The fact that the author is an entrepreneur who runs a famous Job search site is recognized. This post is not about the author of the article. He has obviously executed a master strategy in drifting.

Firstly, point well taken. Yes, variety does provide value. However variety can also kill if the strategy is not right. If one works for about 20 years, then it makes sense to acquire and demonstrate at least 20 years worth of work experience and wisdom. However, in India, especially in the IT industry, there are many of those who have existed for 20 years and have 20 x 1 year worth of experience only. This is a sorrow state to be in after such long working life.

Leadership and Bonding

Leader's BondPeople value four aspects that they feel will nurture and drive their career growth. These four aspects are closely interrelated. First is their own ability to contribute. Second is the challenge from the assignment that constantly draws their best. Third is a nurturing and enabling work environment.