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My way of breaking through emotional upswings

As a leader, one cannot avoid being consumed by emotions. It is human nature to be emotional. Although popular writing states that your state of mind is your choice, in real life, it is quite hard to keep control at the rational mind at all times. However, only leaders who exhibit cool headed, confident and assertive posture are seen as effective by their followers and people who are effected by the leaders actions.

What should drive results - the heart or brain?

Team BuildingLast week I participated in a team building session with a set of very successful leaders/ managers. Roughly about 50 people participated in this session. The group was split into 4 teams. All four teams had to do just one assignment. Each team had to sing a song of their making for three minutes in chorus. They could copy from any popular song. However, music instruments need to be mimicked with human voice during the performance. Acting the song out during performance was an expectation. Each team had fifteen minutes to prepare and three minutes to deliver. Teams were to be ranked on performance. More points for better creativity. All four teams delivered well.

There were many interesting observations from this exercise.

CODC Leadership - Yes We Can :)

Regulate Emotion In Your Responses

Stimulus ResponseIn an earlier post we saw the need to be emotionally aware. How can we use this awareness to our advantage? Humans are the most effective at context switching. Leaders, especially senior leaders, deal with many parallel contexts during a typical workday. Appropriate emotional states are to be stored and restored based on context. This is done using the human minds context store and for that matter at lightning speed. That is precisely why someone having a very normal conversation at one moment can potentially  turn into a completely different animal in the next moment (if a different nerve is touched).

Emotional Self Awareness

Emotional IntelligenceAnybody wanting to lead relationships (professional or personal) has to be fully aware of ones own emotional state at all times. Otherwise, it is just impossible to respond to stimulus in a manner that is worthy of a leader.