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On Leadership, Fear, Control and Inner Strength - Part Two

Strong Personalities and Inner Strength

I remember reading, flicking through the pages of an Osho book, that bravery is not the lack of fear, but action in spite of the full presence of it. Correct. Very few people are actually brave in the face of fear, and it is these people who are strong enough to lead, first themselves, then others. The anxieties and apprehensions that limit the average dude’s possibilities in social life, are not ignored by alpha personalities. They are, to the contrary, felt in their entirety, in all their painful glory, but overcome. That is the test of personal strength. You cannot lead if you do not pass this again and again, and are worthy of leadership only as long as you can pass it.

Leadership, Fear, Control and Personality: Part One

Right, psych lesson everyone. I’ve just finished reading Uday’s best post yet, a simple but insightful assortment of society into leaders and followers, and want to get some things off my chest.. Uday speaks from years of interactive experience at management level positions in IT, so he’s in the know, and you’ll find my arguments to be i-sorta-knew-that-but-just-never-said-it-aloud things anyway. Forget Freud and perverted little boys, this is what psychology’s really about.

So I’ll break it down for you – three personality types – the drifter, the cog, and the leader.

Entrepreneur - Born or Built

EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneur is someone who mobilizes resources beyond his/her means to deliver value that is socially acceptable

Therefore, borrowing, risk taking,  high levels of accountability, influencing others to see value in his/her proposals, rolling on the floor when required, building a value network, and many more tough asks are part of an entrepreneur’s daily life. I used to think that a person cannot be made to become an entrepreneur simply because you are asking a person to hold a tiger’s tail. Once someone is in that position, it is hard to get out. Losing the grip is a dangerous proposition. While this continues to be true, I got a revelation recently when I was watching an Indian movie clip.

Moulding Personality - Catch Them Young

MouldingI wrote another post on how teaching a child to own up is important? Today, I read another interesting blog which talks about practical ways of helping kids overcome fear and anxiety.

As children grow up, they encounter many situations for the first time in their life. They do not know the right way of handling these situations the first time around. Different children adapt different strategies to cope up. Some tend to experiment, some others use a turtle's approach to life, and others take uncalculated risks acting impulsively out of ignorance.