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Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders ?

Key messages in this video:

  1. Women underestimate themselves
  2. They do not negotiate for themselves
  3. The average women does twice the amount of house work and thrice the amount of childcare
  4. They attribute their success to other people around them. They do not take credit
  5. They leave before they have to actually leave

Women should learn to:

  • Set up the table
  • Make their partner a real partner
  • Not leave before they have to leave

Connecting the dots - Are Gen Y any different?

Putting the pieces togetherWe asked earlier if Gen Y was any different from the previous generations.

I had the opportunity to interact with and observe the Gen Y's in my work place. Through my son who is technically Gen Y++ actually, I had the opportunity to interact with his peer group who is getting ready to walk into the work place soon. We are talking about Youngistan (with due credits to my son for the term) urban youth here. What is presented here is not well researched. The insights presented are just my takeaways at this time.