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Building Trusted Relationships

Have you ever observed a mother and child communicate with each other? Without any verbal communication, a child and mother can totally empathize with each other and enjoy an emotional bond.

Silence Is A Golden Strategy

SilenceSilence is a perfectly appropriate option in certain situations. The truth is that silence communicates. It does so very powerfully when used right. The expectation (rightly so) is that a leader should be decisive and should not be afraid of speaking out his/her decisions. Some young leaders misunderstand this expectation as the need to provide opinion even in the middle of transactions. Some of them also feel very impulsive about it and fear compromising their leadership image/ position if they did not speak out. Sometimes there is pressure from the followers to make the leader say or do something. Smart leaders understand all this. They use silence when and where it is appropriate.

Navigating The Gorge Between Strategy And Results

Strategy ExecutionFocused execution is the bridge to cross the gorge between strategy and results. Many get that 'deja vu' feeling when we bring up the subject of a world class strategy failing to bring expected results. As I walk out of our annual strategy session, I cannot stop thinking about the past and many strategies that worked brilliantly and a sizable number that flopped. In an earlier post, we saw what it takes to come up with a good strategy.

Execution requires two very important actions.

  • Communicating the strategy to all stakeholders

This is one key reason why even the most well crafted strategies have