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Building Trusted Relationships

Have you ever observed a mother and child communicate with each other? Without any verbal communication, a child and mother can totally empathize with each other and enjoy an emotional bond.

Is there a blueprint to becoming an inspiring leader

Following the earlier blog post - Two Ways of Getting Followership, there have been a number of questions on the subject.

A discussion on recipe to build inspiring leadership capability

When Movement Does Not Equal Action

ActionAll actions need co-ordinated movement(s). However all co-ordinated movement do not necessarily mean action. Confusing? Here is an example.

When I was a school going kid, I used to hate the compulsory study time at home, especially on subjects that I did not like. I used to fake that study time. A text book was in my hand. For those people who were watching, I appeared like a diligent student seeking knowledge and wisdom. However, my mind was elsewhere. See! Movement did not mean action.

Playing With Trust And Confidence

Trust and ConfidenceTrust and confidence are hard to earn but easy to lose.

July 15, 2010 - I tweeted a little while ago about a hardware manufacturer hiding behind others to cover a flawed product. Everybody's 'antenna' went up on news about this company. Don't get me wrong. I have huge respect for the Research and Development team in such world class corporations. They hire nothing short of the best in class talent. This particular company just came from behind with awesome R&D excellence and swept the market through sheer product quality, differentiation and innovative features.

Types of Computing Applications

In an earlier post, we got introduced to Cloud Computing with an example of a gaming application. In real life, we have many other applications for computing. The simplest of them is when we communicate with other people around us using e-mail. In this application, we type, send, receive, forward and store text messages (to keep things simple).

Courtesy: CNN - How data works in the cloud..