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Counselling, Mentoring and Coaching - What is the big difference

CoachWhen building his/her team, a leader should know the how and when of choosing from the three distinctive strategies mentioned in the subject.

Mothers in my opinion are instinctive leaders. I feel pretty confident that this statement can be assumed to have global validity. So we will use simple examples from the context of child development to understand the strategies.

Let us assume that a mother is teaching her kid writing skills. If she holds up the hand of the kid and guides the kid write the alphabet, she is mentoring. Mentoring is the process of skill flow from a skillful person to one who is learning.

The Value of Drifting

DriftingAugust 3, 2010 - I read an interesting article  on the subject of this post in Mint yesterday. It talked about the valuable lessons learnt by an entrepreneur switching jobs in different industries and markets frequently. The fact that the author is an entrepreneur who runs a famous Job search site is recognized. This post is not about the author of the article. He has obviously executed a master strategy in drifting.

Firstly, point well taken. Yes, variety does provide value. However variety can also kill if the strategy is not right. If one works for about 20 years, then it makes sense to acquire and demonstrate at least 20 years worth of work experience and wisdom. However, in India, especially in the IT industry, there are many of those who have existed for 20 years and have 20 x 1 year worth of experience only. This is a sorrow state to be in after such long working life.

Getting The Best Out Of Your People

LeadershipThis question on leadership style is a very common one. Is there a formula that works? When thinking about it, the first thing that occurred to me was that the question should first be turned around on its head. It is natural for a human to think ‘WIFMWhat is In it For Me?’. The leader should feed to the WIFM to be able to get something back.

Listening Actively

Active ListeningListening actively requires proper use your  mouth, nose, eyes and the rest of your body apart from the usual ears during the listening process. Henceforth whenever you are listening to another person, observe and train yourself on the following to become an effective listener. You will be able to demonstrate empathy effectively.

1. Look for visual cues

Let us first see how to listen with your eyes. It is said that the eyes speak the heart out and words speak the mind out. So it makes sense to keep eye contact and see what

Vidyagyan - An Inspiring Leadership Case Study

Case StudyShiv Nadar, the Chairman of HCL speaks on Vidyagyan - his personal initiative to return back to the society and in that process transforming education in India. The speech is in three videos.

See embedded video below for Part 1. The URL for the other parts is given below:

Part 2 of the speech

Part 3 of the speech

See video

Entrepreneur - Born or Built

EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneur is someone who mobilizes resources beyond his/her means to deliver value that is socially acceptable

Therefore, borrowing, risk taking,  high levels of accountability, influencing others to see value in his/her proposals, rolling on the floor when required, building a value network, and many more tough asks are part of an entrepreneur’s daily life. I used to think that a person cannot be made to become an entrepreneur simply because you are asking a person to hold a tiger’s tail. Once someone is in that position, it is hard to get out. Losing the grip is a dangerous proposition. While this continues to be true, I got a revelation recently when I was watching an Indian movie clip.

What Footprint am I Leaving Behind?

FootprintsOur footprints of life have the potential to leave a lasting legacy behind. Think of leaving a legacy behind because life is a zero sum game. You bring in nothing to this world. You take away nothing from here as well.

Zero sum games have equal winning and losing programmed in. One example of the zero sum game is the share market. However, in this zero sum game, one persons win is always another persons loss.

Playing With Trust And Confidence

Trust and ConfidenceTrust and confidence are hard to earn but easy to lose.

July 15, 2010 - I tweeted a little while ago about a hardware manufacturer hiding behind others to cover a flawed product. Everybody's 'antenna' went up on news about this company. Don't get me wrong. I have huge respect for the Research and Development team in such world class corporations. They hire nothing short of the best in class talent. This particular company just came from behind with awesome R&D excellence and swept the market through sheer product quality, differentiation and innovative features.

Impact of Leadership on Strategy

Tight Rope WalkA leader 's focus and preferences impact the outcome of strategic initiatives.

Suppose an organization chooses to have a strategic initiative to upgrade their employees. The best of minds are brought to create a framework. The framework talks about fitting people to a magic quadrant of technical competence and business acumen and provides an approach to work the quadrants. It is now the leader's job to execute.

Magic Square

Some leaders prefer loyalty over everything else. In my experience, these are people who have some

Leadership And Magnetism

Magnetic FieldI think that leadership and magnetism are alike.

Magnetism is characterized by it's field. The field is invisible. The field has a direction. The field influences all magnetic particles in it's path and aligns them. A magnet also orients itself very strongly and rapidly in the presence of another field.