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Navigating The Gorge Between Strategy And Results

Strategy ExecutionFocused execution is the bridge to cross the gorge between strategy and results. Many get that 'deja vu' feeling when we bring up the subject of a world class strategy failing to bring expected results. As I walk out of our annual strategy session, I cannot stop thinking about the past and many strategies that worked brilliantly and a sizable number that flopped. In an earlier post, we saw what it takes to come up with a good strategy.

Execution requires two very important actions.

  • Communicating the strategy to all stakeholders

This is one key reason why even the most well crafted strategies have

What Do I Think Of Strategy?

StrategyA leader drives change. There are several types of change. Some examples are...

  1. Changing self

  2. Changing a community

  3. Changing a business from one model to another model

Watch Cameron Herold Talk About Bringing Up Children

I really liked this TED video where the speaker points out all the wrong things we try to force on children when they are young. He has a very interesting story of how he learnt some entreprenurship concepts and traits at his young age based on some of his experiments and initiatives. Awesome! Watch on..


Connecting the dots - Are Gen Y any different?

Putting the pieces togetherWe asked earlier if Gen Y was any different from the previous generations.

I had the opportunity to interact with and observe the Gen Y's in my work place. Through my son who is technically Gen Y++ actually, I had the opportunity to interact with his peer group who is getting ready to walk into the work place soon. We are talking about Youngistan (with due credits to my son for the term) urban youth here. What is presented here is not well researched. The insights presented are just my takeaways at this time.

How Aspiring MBA's should think differently

MBAJune 21. 2010 - Today I was reading a Facebook trail of budding Indian MBA's discussing about work. They were basically expressing impatience with mundane work content that needs them to churn out powerpoint presentations and excel sheets day in and day out. Interestingly and coincidentally, I also happened to read an article in which talked about the five point failure of the Indian MBA program. This post has nothing to do about the specific individuals who were discussing on Facebook. However, I did see a connection of sorts between both points of view which I wanted to share.

Moulding Personality - Catch Them Young

MouldingI wrote another post on how teaching a child to own up is important? Today, I read another interesting blog which talks about practical ways of helping kids overcome fear and anxiety.

As children grow up, they encounter many situations for the first time in their life. They do not know the right way of handling these situations the first time around. Different children adapt different strategies to cope up. Some tend to experiment, some others use a turtle's approach to life, and others take uncalculated risks acting impulsively out of ignorance.  

Take A Turn! Straight Roads are Boring

Take a TurnHas there been a moment in your life which you never forget? That is because life took a significant turn and will never be the same again because of whatever happened at that point. These are what I call turning points in this post. Everyone has many of them.

Regulate Emotion In Your Responses

Stimulus ResponseIn an earlier post we saw the need to be emotionally aware. How can we use this awareness to our advantage? Humans are the most effective at context switching. Leaders, especially senior leaders, deal with many parallel contexts during a typical workday. Appropriate emotional states are to be stored and restored based on context. This is done using the human minds context store and for that matter at lightning speed. That is precisely why someone having a very normal conversation at one moment can potentially  turn into a completely different animal in the next moment (if a different nerve is touched).

Building Relationships

Case StudyLeadership is about building relationships. Relationships run on the strength of what I call as emotional bank accounts on either side. Each positive act by one increases the balance in the account of the other person and vice versa. In a newly forming relationship, these bank accounts are obviously empty.

Factors That Drive Followership

FollowersThe core theme of leadership never changes. It is always about change. Positive leadership is always to bring about a change for better in the thoughts, acts and feelings and therefore in the life of those being led.There are always key factors that drive followership. What are key things a leader should consider when trying to make people to follow?