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Listen, Learn .... then Lead

This inspiring talk highlights the key aspects of winning attitudes required for being a successful leader for people across multiple generations. I liked the part where the speaker talks about how young people were using new ways and new technology to collaborate and he had to increase his transparency and openness to learn new ways of working from those being led. What made you successful upto this point is not probably going to be sufficient for your future. This video gels well with Employee First principles.

Take "The Other" To Lunch


Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders ?

Key messages in this video:

  1. Women underestimate themselves
  2. They do not negotiate for themselves
  3. The average women does twice the amount of house work and thrice the amount of childcare
  4. They attribute their success to other people around them. They do not take credit
  5. They leave before they have to actually leave

Women should learn to:

  • Set up the table
  • Make their partner a real partner
  • Not leave before they have to leave

Watch Cameron Herold Talk About Bringing Up Children

I really liked this TED video where the speaker points out all the wrong things we try to force on children when they are young. He has a very interesting story of how he learnt some entreprenurship concepts and traits at his young age based on some of his experiments and initiatives. Awesome! Watch on..


Right Way to Learn