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Becoming a better innovator

Innovation can be disruptive or incremental. By disruptive innovation, completely new behaviours are unleashed. Internet shopping (what did to shopping) or letting consumers choose product features using a channel like facebook are great examples of discontinuous innovation.

I recently attended a global conference hosted by HCL for its customers. I heard two schools of thought on what makes an innovator.

How Coaching Works?

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Vidyagyan - An Inspiring Leadership Case Study

Case StudyShiv Nadar, the Chairman of HCL speaks on Vidyagyan - his personal initiative to return back to the society and in that process transforming education in India. The speech is in three videos.

See embedded video below for Part 1. The URL for the other parts is given below:

Part 2 of the speech

Part 3 of the speech

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Factors That Drive Followership

FollowersThe core theme of leadership never changes. It is always about change. Positive leadership is always to bring about a change for better in the thoughts, acts and feelings and therefore in the life of those being led.There are always key factors that drive followership. What are key things a leader should consider when trying to make people to follow?

The Future of Music - Part 2

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