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Lego Blocks Of A Business Application

We are continuing on our discussion from an earlier post that different businesses of the same type do have a strong need to strategize on providing differentiated customer experience and/or continuously optimizing their operating cost. If all business logic is built into one shared monolithic business application, such a model does not yield to differentiation. Let us see this with an example.

A famous doctor wants to set up a private clinic. He/she chooses a location in the city, buys real estate and constructs a clinic with facilities that are modern at that time. The doctor employs his or her own trained maintenance, nursing and operating staff. The doctor sets up an in premise clinical lab. The doctor also decides to run his/her own ambulance service. We see a (monolithic) self contained clinic.

If You Have To Set Up a Cloud Computer, What Will You Consider?

We talked earlier about mail providers like Gmail. Let us take that as an example because most of us are familiar with Gmail. We know that millions of people around any country use Gmail service today. They all access the application that runs on a computer inside the cloud. During a typical day, it is easy to imagine lean periods of Gmail usage where only a handful of people are consuming Gmail services. It is equally easy to imagine a time of the day where hundreds of thousands of people (peak periods) could be simultaneously checking e-mail.