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Recovering a root file system error in Amazon EC2 Ubuntu instance

First, do not play around with your home directory permissions

Recently, I was playing around with my Ubuntu free tier t2.micro instance and used a sudo command to change the access rights of the /home/ubuntu directory to 777. I promptly logged out of my putty session without realizing that EC2 does not take this easy. Result: My next putty login failed ( with an error like "server returned public key") and ftp stopped working as well.

Wearables and the type of health data they collect

In this article I would like to draw a parallel between automobiles and human beings to make a point I seem to have understood well. This comparison may sound a little insensitive to some. While humans are way too superior biological machines compared to automobiles, we will agree that even automobiles have a notion of health.

A differentiated wearable strategy

Collage by New York Times

In CES 2014, people found wearables to be a new hot trend. Many companies including biggies like Apple, Google and several other startups want to fit sensors on various parts of the human body and collect data. I have recently read about the t-shirt that can tell an athelete about her willpower or the bra (seemingly in development by Microsoft) that senses emotional triggers for overeating.

Wearables and Mobile Health market is exploding

In sharp contract to the PC market that is declining at the rate of 6% year on year, the wearables market, albeit small, is growing robustly.

According to Business Insider, the value of the wearables market is expected to grow from $5.2 billion this year to $12.6 billion by 2018. The mobile health market, which includes fitness apps and wearables, is expected to be worth $21.5 billion by 2018, according to BCC Research.

All the biggies like Intel, Google, Apple are investing heavily to take strategic positions in these growing markets.