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Public Cloud - Sharing and Data Protection

In the previous post, we saw the challenges associated with public cloud computing infrastructure. How are some of  those challenges addressed? Let us first take the most serious issue of protecting the business data from the eyes of competition while trying to share the computing applications.

In real life, some of us live in apartment complexes. The management of such apartment complexes construct almost similar looking stacked living spaces (apartment) in the same premise.

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Leveraging The Commality Between Businesses

We saw the level of optimization that one book store chain can accomplish by setting up a private cloud for their applications. Come to think of it.. different book store chains will need the same Order Management, Supply Chain, Inventory Management and Sales support applications. At least some parts of the applications will have to be the same. It is obvious to see that these common applications for one industry segment can be set up in one place and shared. More possibilities for further optimization! Is there a straight road to that destination?

Even if all book store chains want to collaborate like that to reduce their capital investments, technology refresh (replacing obselete hardware and software) and operational costs there are several barriers that need to be crossed.

Cloud Applications For Business Use

So far we talked about cloud services consumed by individuals. How about people who run businesses? They obviously need a lot of computing to be competitive in today's fast paced world. How does cloud help them?

Let us take a book store for example. Today's brick and mortar bookstores are humongous in size. They are usually organized into a chain of stores. When we step in to a bookstore looking for a book, and don't have the time to browse around, we normally go to an information kiosk and ask for help.

Subscription Funded Cloud Software - Simple Example

The best example is this website. It is hosted on the cloud. I live and operate this website from India. The cloud computer that runs this website is probably in Singapore. I have not purchased for any of the software applications that makes this website possible. My website is free of advertisements (except my own of course).

Such applications are usually funded by a subscription model. You pay a monthly fee for the next several months in advance for fractional use of the application software, computers, storage and network bandwidth that the provider has made investments in.