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Types of Computing Applications

In an earlier post, we got introduced to Cloud Computing with an example of a gaming application. In real life, we have many other applications for computing. The simplest of them is when we communicate with other people around us using e-mail. In this application, we type, send, receive, forward and store text messages (to keep things simple).

Courtesy: CNN - How data works in the cloud..

Is it as simple as transmitting electrical energy?

While it seems so, in reality there are subtle differences. In any piped utility network (e.g., electricity, water or gas), the produce comes to your home and gets consumed. Can it work the same way in cloud computing? Think about it and you will realize that the stuff is not so simple as it seems.

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Drawing a parallel - Electricity and its Distribution

In the previous post, we saw a very brief introduction to Cloud Computing. In this post, we will try and understand it better using a parallel example.

Understanding another utility technology - Electricity and its distribution

Let us go to another similar technology environment.Electricity! We run fans, lights, air conditioners and refrigerators which are various applications of electricity as a technology. For that matter, the computer we talked about earlier is also an advanced application of several technologies including electrical technology.

Internet Video on the same thought

Cloud Computing - 101

What is Computing ?

From an individual perspective, a common personal computing requirement that we are familiar with is a computer game. Most of us will be familiar with PacMan. I first saw this game about thirty years ago. To run this game at my home, I needed three things, namely, an IBM PC, MSDOS operating system, and a floppy disk that contained the game program.